One day, it just gets better. There’s no explanation or reason why. You just wake up and you’re not angry anymore.

You think you’ll never get over it and you think you’ll never forgive them for what they did to you but the anger starts fading. If you look back after a year, it still hurts. However, the intensity of the hurt is not the same. No matter what happens, things do get better with time. You forgive people, you move on.

People come and go. That’s what people do. They enter your life, they teach you what they came for and they leave. However, if you’re very lucky, you’ll find some people who do stay. Some people who do always have your back and mean it when they say they love you. These are the people because of whom you hold on. These are the people who help you get better so learn to recognize the temporary from the permanent and hold on to the ones that really matter.

Hold on, things get better.