There was someone I knew, a long time ago. I was so in love with him that I couldn’t see straight. The saddest thing is, he felt the same way about me.

It was easy in the beginning, all we had to do laugh at the same things and love took care of the rest. I had never felt so connected to another person before.

He would always say it felt as though I was made for him. We were so sure of what we felt. We should have held tight, onto that certainty.

There is never a particular reason as to why two people are pulled apart. All these years later, I have stopped looking for answers. I know better now, that love is never a guarantee, not when you have the rest of the world to contend with.

Sometimes you have to step back and look at these things from a philosophical standpoint. I know loving him has taught me something about myself, it has broadened my understanding of the world and the people in it and if it has done the same for him, it wasn’t all in vain.