How do you decide whats really important for you? How do you distinguish right from wrong?

Is it possible to realize the value of a decision while making it? How do we know that the decision we make today won’t destroy our lives forever?

There are a million things that happen to us and a million decisions we need to make at every single moment in our lives. Some of them we make instantaneously without even thinking twice about them, but what about the ones that rattle us? What about the ones that could change our lives or steer it towards a particular direction? Are we capable enough of making these decisions for ourselves?

But if not us, who is?

We face obstacles. We make choices. We make decisions. We Decide.

We decide how our life is going to turn out. We get a choice at every single step of the way. It is on us to make the right decisions for ourselves. The decisions we make may not be the wisest or the best for us but then how would we ever learn if we did not make a few wrong decisions?

Its your life, you have to decide how you want it to be. Make mistakes, have regrets but choose wisely.

Decide what you want for yourself.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. And Decide.