We feel so much but we say so little. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the words but sometimes we just don’t want to put our thoughts out in the open. 

Why do we resist being our true selves infront of others and why are we so afraid of expressing how we really feel?

We worry about others around us. We worry that they might not accept us if we let them in. We worry that they won’t agree with us. We worry that we’ll let them down. 

We live in a world where people aim at pleasing others and seeking their approval rather than being brutally honest. Honesty is not appreciated in most cases. We try to avoid conflict by hiding the truth. 

Everyday, there are so many things that go unsaid. We want to tell someone we love them, but we don’t. We want to tell someone we made a mistake, but we don’t. We want to tell someone that we’ve forgiven them, but we don’t.

Why don’t we say the things we want to say? Why are we so afraid? What are we so afraid of?