Things That Matter.

Life is too short to pay heed to unnecessary things. Think about what really matters.


Sometimes I wonder,
If not her,
Would it have been me?

Would it ever have been me?

It’s 2 a.m. and I’m crying over you.
But you don’t even want me.
You don’t want me at all.

You never did.


Unbreak my heart

After all this time,
You still look at me the way you did back then.
After all this time,
Your hands still happen to find mine in darkened rooms.
So just for tonight,
Unbreak my heart.

Unbreak my heart,
And say you’ll love me again.

I don’t miss you anymore

I don’t miss you anymore,
Just the warmth of your body against mine.

Be careful

Next time that you put your arms around me, be careful.

Be careful, because I might be falling in love with you.

Bitter Sweet Coffee

Your lips tasted like the bitter sweet coffee I would have loved to wake up to every morning,
The warmth of your hands reminded me of the comfort I had long forgotten,
The stroke of your hand on my back left me craving for more.

But you’re long gone,
And I’m still here.

Sitting alone in my balcony,
Sipping bitter sweet coffee.


I’ve never been afraid of commitment,
Or love,
Just petrified,
of what follows when the love is long gone.

Treat my heart with care.

He’s right.
I should let you go.
I know he’ll treat me a lot better,
I know he’ll love me right.

But you see,
I’m still the same silly girl with a little bit of hope.
I’m a silly girl who gave her heart away too soon,
I’m a silly girl who gave her heart to you.

And no,
I’m not asking for yours in return.

All I’m saying is,
Treat mine with care.

I would’ve told you.

I would’ve told you I loved you,
But how could I?
When I wasn’t even sure if I was capable of love anymore.

I wonder.

And sometimes, I wonder.
When I’m thinking about you, are you still thinking about me too?

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