Things That Matter.

Life is too short to pay heed to unnecessary things. Think about what really matters.

Why am I here?

I myself don’t know. All I know is that I have something to say, and I have a message to give. Too many people spend their lives not talking about things that matter to them and engaging in unnecessary chatter. Its not worth it. Talk about yourself. Talk about your dreams. Your passions. Your aspirations. Talk about where you want to be and where you see yourself five years from now.

Think about the future but don’t forget to live in the present. Remember the past but don’t get stuck up on it.

Life is short and it goes by in a jiffy. Cherish it. Cherish the small moments. Enjoy the people that care about you because they might not stay forever. Enjoy what you have and you’ll reach where you’re destined to be.

I’m here to talk. I’m here to talk about the things that matter, the small things and the big things. I’m here to talk about life, its obstacles and its joys. I’m here to talk about me, talk about you and everything else.

We’re so stressed out these days because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. So take a deep breath and let it all out. It’s all going to be okay.



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Ironically funny. 

When you miss someone badly enough, it’s almost funny. It’s funny how you can be in a room full of friends and family and still feel lost. It’s funny how you can be surrounded by laughter but still feel hollow. You might even smile and make small talk, but it’s all just a show. 

The truth is, you’re lost. You’re someplace else with someone else and it’s funny because they don’t even know. 

It’s funny because you miss him but you’re too afraid to tell him.

Little Afraid

I’m just a little afraid. I’m afraid that you’ll always have a piece of my heart. I’m afraid that I’ll never really get over you and keep hoping for you to come back. 

Hope. That’s what I’m living with. I’m living with the hope that in the end, you’ll find your way back to me. 

It’s not that I’m not happy and it’s not that there aren’t other people in my life. There are days when I jump with joy but then there are days when I miss you and I don’t want to get out of my house. 

All I’m saying is, someday, somehow, I hope you  find your way back to me. 

That kind of love.

It was that kind of love. The kind that gives you butterflies and leaves you wanting for more. The kind that has the charm of a first love. The kind that gives you hope. The kind that makes you believe in love.

You were that love for me. You made me believe in love. It was the kind of love you fight for. The kind of love you never want to let go.

And so, here I am, telling you that I’m fighting for you. Telling you, that I’m still hoping and that I still believe in you. That I still believe in us. And that even after all these years, I’m still in love with you. 

She just wants someone to love her as much as she loves him.

She just wants someone​ to love her as much as she loves him. 

She just wants someone to look at her like she looks at him. 

She just wants someone to think about her like she thinks about him.

She has loved him for as long as she can remember and she just wishes someone would do the same for her. She just wishes someone would love her as much as she loves him or maybe, she just wishes he would finally see.


It’s just a little lonely right now. It ought to be. You were here a few days ago. A few days ago, it mattered to you. A few days ago, I mattered to you. But now, it all seems so far away. It all seems like a distant memory. And yet, it hurts. 

It hurts that I let you do this to me. It hurts that I fell for the facade. It hurts that I let you in. 

I should’ve​ known better. 

Be your own sunshine

Yes, you do have to be your own sunshine and fight your own battles. You do have to be a warrior and rise everytime you fall.

But sometimes, it’s just better knowing that someone’s going to catch you when you fall. That someone will help you rise everytime you fall.

You could very well do it on your own but sometimes, all you want is a little support.

She’s The One.

I know you’re young and there’s so much life left in you. You want to explore and see what could be in store for you.

But deep down, you know she’s the one. That’s why you’ve stuck around with her for so long. It’s true that the world is a big place with endless possibilities, but if she feels like home, why do you need to look further?

Because she will get tired of waiting one day. She will decide to let you go one day. And if you don’t make her yours now, someone else will and you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Casual Type Of Girl

A little bit of affection, a little bit of care. That’s all I’m asking for. 

I’ve never been the casual type of girl and I’m not sure I know how to be. I’ve always been the head-over-heels girl. The girl who either loves too much too soon or doesn’t love at all. 

I tell myself that I can do casual. No promises, no guarantees, no feelings. But it’s all pretend. It’s all a show. 

I was never meant to be a casual type of girl. 

Let it go.

Let it go. It’s time now.

I know you’ve been holding on for longer than you should have. You’re still holding on to the bits and pieces. You’re clinging on to them in hope that she’ll come back. 

She won’t. She’s not coming back. She’s far gone. 

Let her go. It’s time.

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