Things That Matter.

Life is too short to pay heed to unnecessary things. Think about what really matters.

Why am I here?

I myself don’t know. All I know is that I have something to say, and I have a message to give. Too many people spend their lives not talking about things that matter to them and engaging in unnecessary chatter. Its not worth it. Talk about yourself. Talk about your dreams. Your passions. Your aspirations. Talk about where you want to be and where you see yourself five years from now.

Think about the future but don’t forget to live in the present. Remember the past but don’t get stuck up on it.

Life is short and it goes by in a jiffy. Cherish it. Cherish the small moments. Enjoy the people that care about you because they might not stay forever. Enjoy what you have and you’ll reach where you’re destined to be.

I’m here to talk. I’m here to talk about the things that matter, the small things and the big things. I’m here to talk about life, its obstacles and its joys. I’m here to talk about me, talk about you and everything else.

We’re so stressed out these days because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. So take a deep breath and let it all out. It’s all going to be okay.



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I want you. 

I want you. Only you. 

I’ve forgotten what you feel like. I’ve forgotten how your lips taste. I’ve forgotten how your hands feel on my body and right now, I would give anything to feel all of that again. 

I want you to do things to me I only dream about and I want you to kiss me like you mean it. I want you to kiss me like your life depends on it. I want you to kiss me like you never have. 

I want you. All of you. Only you.


You said I’m beautiful – and for the first time, I actually believed it. 

And it wasn’t that I hadn’t been called beautiful before and it wasn’t that I was hearing it for the first time. But there was something about the way you said it that made me believe it. 

There was something about that moment. There was something about you. 

It’s always been you. 

The sky was full of stars but somehow, I still found myself staring at you. There was so much to see but all I could see was you. 

When I first saw you, it took every ounce for me to not kiss you. When I saw you laugh, it took every ounce for me to not fall in love again. When you put your arm around me, I realized I was already in love with you. I had always been in love with you. 

And I know I will never be perfect for you, but I will always imperfectly try to be because it’s always been you. It will always be you. 


He found the colors to paint her where the world had left her grey.

He became her escape from the entire world. He found the words to comfort her without even making an effort. With him, nothing else mattered. With him, no one else mattered. It was just him.

He was saving her and he didn’t even know it. He was filling in color where there was just darkness. 

You believe in love so much and yet, you also fear it.

You believe in love so much and yet, you also fear it.

You want to love with all your heart. You want to let go but somehow, you always stop yourself. You’re always almost there but just before you fall, you turn back around. You want to believe in a beautiful love story and a happily ever after but you’re scared that it’s all just for fairytales.

There’s nothing more you want than to just believe in love and leave it all to fate but you force yourself to be more practical. You want to go back to the time when you didn’t know what heartbreak was and start again. You want to be that foolish little girl and believe.

There’s nothing more you want than to just believe in Love.

We want so much to give others the very things we were denied. 

We want so much to give others the very things we were denied that we forget to think about ourselves.

Stop giving the best of yourself to the worst of people. You have to realize that there are a lot of people out there who don’t deserve your best. 

Save it. Stop trying so hard.

You don’t deserve someone’s half hearted love. You don’t deserve pain to feel normal. You don’t deserve to be crying at 3 am. You’re better than that.


You need to forgive yourself for accepting less than you deserved.You need to forgive yourself for letting people into your heart who didn’t want to stay and for kissing strangers who only wanted to play.

It’s time to forgive yourself for hoping, for having faith in the softness of love and how it could prevail. It’s time to forgive yourself for believing that “I love you” meant “I’ll stay”.

Forgive the people who walked away and made you feel worthless.

Do not fall back into the arms of those who broke you. Do not let your scars convince you that your heart does not hold value. Fight for the kind of love you know you deserve, demand the kind of love you desire and it will come. 

But first, forgive yourself.

I’m fine.

I was doing fine, I really was. But then, you asked me how I am and it all fell apart. 

In that moment, everything you ever said to me and everything I ever said to you rushed into my head and then, I wasn’t fine anymore. 

For a second, I thought I would tell you how I really feel and how much I miss you but then I remembered that even if I did tell you, it probably wouldn’t mean a thing to you. And so, I just smiled at you and said I’m fine.

After all these years…

After all these years, I’m still in love with you. 

Technically, I shouldn’t be. I should have moved on a long time ago. But sadly, you cannot deny what your heart feels. You can lie to everyone else around you, you can even lie to him but you cannot lie to yourself. 

It’s a tragedy really, how even after so long you occupy so much of my heart and I guess, you always will.

 However, I guess I’m the one to blame for that too. I suppose I never truly wanted to let you go. I suppose I wanted to hold on to the fairy tale in my head.

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