Things That Matter.

Life is too short to pay heed to unnecessary things. Think about what really matters.

Why am I here?

I myself don’t know. All I know is that I have something to say, and I have a message to give. Too many people spend their lives not talking about things that matter to them and engaging in unnecessary chatter. Its not worth it. Talk about yourself. Talk about your dreams. Your passions. Your aspirations. Talk about where you want to be and where you see yourself five years from now.

Think about the future but don’t forget to live in the present. Remember the past but don’t get stuck up on it.

Life is short and it goes by in a jiffy. Cherish it. Cherish the small moments. Enjoy the people that care about you because they might not stay forever. Enjoy what you have and you’ll reach where you’re destined to be.

I’m here to talk. I’m here to talk about the things that matter, the small things and the big things. I’m here to talk about life, its obstacles and its joys. I’m here to talk about me, talk about you and everything else.

We’re so stressed out these days because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. So take a deep breath and let it all out. It’s all going to be okay.



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I’ll wait. 

You’re scared. I understand. 

I understand that you’ve been hurt way too much to open your heart and love again. I understand your apprehensions. 

I understand that the world is a crazy place and you’re too pure for it. You’re hurt, but you’ll heal. 

You’ll heal and I’ll be there to hold your hand through it. You say you don’t need anyone but everyone needs someone. 

I’ll wait. I’ll wait till the day you’re ready to open your heart again. 

I’ll wait till you find your way to me.


As much as you want to hold on to it, you can’t. 

Well, you see, it was never yours to hold on to anyway. It was just a dream that you believed in. They were just moments you wanted to hold on to for a lifetime. 

He made you smile. He made you laugh. He made you happy. But more than anything, he made you believe in yourself again. He served his purpose. 

Now, he’s just a boy who won’t love you back. Now, he’s just someone you wish was yours. 

But you see, it was never meant to be that way. He had a purpose. And now, as much as you want to hold on to him, you just can’t. 

I broke my own heart 

It’s not your fault. It never was. 

I was the one who handed you my heart without you even asking for it. I was the one who put a flame to every word you said and then thought about them for a little too long. I was the one giving myself false hopes and looking for something more. 

Even though your words and actions were telling me a different story, you wanted a different one. It wasn’t your fault. 

I just broke my own heart. 

Silly little boy 

It’s not your fault. He’s just a silly little boy who’s too scared to give his heart away. He wants you and he doesn’t even know it yet. 

Give it some time. He’ll find his way towards you. You know it in your heart. 

If he doesn’t, forgive him. Forgive him for being too scared. Forgive him for all the times that he made you feel special and gave you hope. Forgive him for being confused. 

He’s just a silly little boy after all. Don’t fall in love with him. 


One of the saddest thing I’ve come to find about people is that their most important thoughts and feelings often go unspoken and barely understood. 

We never end up saying what we really want to. We keep waiting for the perfect moment or just one sign which never comes. We’re just too afraid to let it all out. 

And when we do, when we do find that glimmer of hope and courage and let it out, we find that it’s never really understood and then, we become too afraid to ever try again. We let it eat us up instead. 

It’s all just a tragedy. So many words, so many thoughts, so many feelings – all unspoken and barely understood.

You knew. (2) 

You knew. You knew my heart was broken. 

You still broke down my walls. I let you in. You called me ‘baby’ and I gave you what was left of my heart. I put a flame to every single word you said. I made scenarios in my head which deep down I knew would never happen.

Because deep down, I knew too. I knew that your words meant nothing. I knew that it was too good to be true. I knew that there was no deeper meaning. I still fooled myself. I believed in something that was never there. 

I gave you my heart and you didn’t want it. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I was just a stupid little girl who was looking for something to believe in. I was just a stupid little girl who wanted to be loved.  

Just a little more human. 

Just because you want someone to hold you once in a while doesn’t mean you’re weak. Just because you crave affection doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough. 

You’re stronger than you’ve ever been and you’re happier than you were before. 

It’s okay if sometimes, you just want to let go and let someone else take care of you. It’s okay if you just want someone to hold your hand. It doesn’t make you weak, just a little more human. 

You knew. 

You knew. You knew my heart was already broken. You knew what I was going through. I told you all of it.

 But what did you do?

You pretended to care. You pretended to care about me and my broken heart. You made me trust you. You made me believe in you. For a second, you made me think that the world was a better place. For a second, you made me feel that I was worth loving. 

But then what did you do?

You shattered my already broken heart.

It’s all lies, darling. 

It’s all lies, darling. Don’t fall for it. Don’t give your heart away so easily.

He might be flirting with you and calling you baby, he might be making you smile and holding your hand. Don’t fall for it. Not this time. Not again. 

You know better now. People don’t always mean what they say and things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. So hold yourself back. Be a little cautious this time. Don’t believe every word he says. Don’t look for signs that aren’t there. 

It’s all lies, darling. Don’t fall for it. 

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